Follower of Jesus

I knew I needed Jesus when I was 5. I didn’t really turn to Jesus until I was 16. My story is one of false-security, self-righteousness, and rebellion against God. But when I was 16 I realized the grace by which I was saved meant I’d done nothing to deserve it, and I only needed to accept Jesus as my savior. And it’s changed my life.

Husband to Kristin

Kristin and I met at a camp during the summer of 2006. We hit it off talking about Chicago sports. Little did we know, three years and four months later, we’d both be insanely in love with each other and tie the knot on the beach in Florida. She’s my best friend, the funniest person I know, and the most caring and authentic follower of Jesus I’ve ever met. “Married up” doesn’t even come close to describing what I did…

Dad of a Princess and two Lions

In June of 2013, Kristin and I welcomed our daughter into our family. She’s got the hilarious personality of her mom and her dad’s string bean frame. She’s musical, funny, and has a lovable free spirit. Two years later, we welcomed our first son to the clan. He’s got better bedside manner than most doctors and I can’t wait to see him grow up. Two years later we welcomed our third child, another boy, into the mix. All his bad habits are from me.

5th Generation Pastor

I made a decision to pursue pastoral ministry with my life when I was 17 years old and a Junior in High School. I had heard men preach from the Bible in a way that made it come to life, and I knew I wanted to do that same thing. After being accepted into the Moody Bible Institute and moving in, I found out my mom had been praying for over 20 years for me to serve Jesus with my life, and her prayer was that her son would be used in advancing God’s kingdom.  From before I was born, she prayed for me.

A short while after I began Moody, my grandfather told me that he had been praying over 40 years for my generation of the family. Specifically, he was praying that there would be a preacher in every generation of our family. He went on to tell me this was his prayer because it is the same prayer prayed by his great-grandfather. I’m the fifth answer to that prayer, six generations later.

A bit crazy, right?

Today I serve at Bethel Church in Northwest Indiana as the Campus Pastor to the Hobart/Portage Campus, where I preach, pastor, develop leaders, and am doing everything I can to make Jesus famous.